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A Cool Post

Amateur syncronized swimming, or is it synchronized drowning? Photo by Beatriz Chaim via Freeimages

I ran across this awesome post on Writer Unboxed on Sunday. Since I’d already made a post earlier that day, I decided to hold off on sharing it. And then I forgot about it (sorry!). I haven’t figured out how to reblog from anyone not on WordPress, so here’s the link. In a nutshell, it encourages us to refocus our efforts in writing. Are we really writing to become bestsellers and make scads of money? Sure, it’s a great goal, but is it really attainable? Or are we writing because we like to write? As I mentioned in my reply to the post, “If you’re writing for the sake of writing, then finishing and polishing the piece is the end goal, not publishing it and making a million bucks. Is the former any less worthy a goal than the latter? Absolutely not.”

And yes, I made a reply fail and double-posted with a completely re-worded reply after I thought it ate the first one, but that’s beside the point.


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