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Changes and a Shiny New Blog

Cat sleeping on a multi-colored blanket.

I’m sure many of you are wondering what the heck happened. Well, let me give a quick recap. My writings have moved to If you’ve followed those, you’ll want to update your bookmarks and feeds to the new address. Not that I don’t want you following this blog, too 😀 Why’d I move it? A couple of reasons. First, I wanted my writings to be a little easier to find. Having a blog entitled Tales of the CSS Dragon should be a lot easier to find at the domain cssdragon, right? Second, I wanted a blog about writing, not just a blog containing writing. Now that I’ve made the move, I’m repurposing my scatsullivan domain to be more of an author’s blog. Here, you’ll find blurbs about writing and editing as well as newsy bits about my writings. In the sidebar, you’ll find links to Tales and the writing blogs that I follow. This is where I’ll put all those awesome tips and hints about writing that I run across, shamelessly promote fellow writers, and keep you updated on the long road to publishing.

Yeah, I really ought to start that…….

Anyway, as for my writings, I apologize for the dry spell. I’m getting used to a new work schedule (evenings instead of nights), battling allergies (welcome to spring in Texas), and just generally feeling not that creative. It happens to the best of us, I’m afraid. I’m hoping to resume my somewhat weekly updates on Tales within a week. I’m not setting that in stone, however: the end of May will be very busy with my grandparents’ sixtieth wedding anniversary and my little brother’s high school graduation. (I’m not old enough for him to graduate!) As for this blog, I plan on at least every other week updates, if not more often. The first few may just be reblogs of posts I find helpful or interesting, but there will be more news and original stuff along the way.

I hope you enjoy the revamped blog!