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I’m back!

Climbing up a cliff. Hang in there! Photo by Maira Kouvara via stock.xchng.

I hadn’t realized how long I was gone until I finally logged back in. My last post was in June? Wow. Lotsa stuff happened between then and now.

As you can probably tell, my little experiment was an abysmal failure. My Camp NaNo novel died before it really got started, and I never got to anything good enough to post. I guess that’s kind of what started the unintentional blogging hiatus. Add to that a bout of depression, the holidays, and a hospital stay that took up most of January, and now it’s nearly Valentine’s day. Where did the time go?

On the plus side, I have some free time and am actually editing my first novel, To Find a Dragon. It’s slow going. The story line is there and it’s good, at least in my opinion. It definitely needs cleaning up, and there are some parts where it sounds a little too familiar or just outright unbelievable. When I’m done with this go-through, I might actually have a good first draft. I’ll probably let a few select people read it for critique. I might even post some of the really good parts on the Tales blog. Maybe.

On the minus side, I have the free time because I can’t return to work just yet. I tire out easily, and there’s the question on whether or not I’ll need surgery in a few weeks. It’s all been a big headache that I really don’t want to think about right now.

Anywho, I’m back to blogging, and that’s the part you followers are most concerned with. I can’t promise regular updates just yet, but they’ll be coming. We’ll both just have to hang in there.