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A Second Experiment

Pretty colors! Photo courtesy of 123dan321 via stock.xchng

So, after totally forgetting to blog thanks to the stresses of life and working again, I’ve finally caught another bit of inspiration. I’ve debated what to do with the CSS Dragon blog, whether I should continue with the Encyclopedia Confederica series or if I should try to do the prequel idea. My decision? I shall do both simultaneously.

The original concept for the Encyclopedia Confederica was to take the rather dry entries that will eventually be condensed into glossaries for my books and give them a little more life by using stories from Kim’s life to illustrate. At fist, I thought I’d goofed by having her visit the Encyclopedia as a first-year cadet. I figured it would be easier to tell stories later on in her life since she had many more years of experience to draw upon. Although that is true, it dawned on me: that time frame is perfect for telling stories from her years spent on the SS Anna Marie. I can easily combine the two ideas into one simply by using stories that may eventually find their way into the prequel.

Now, this is not without flaws. Kim did not experience many of the things mentioned in the Encyclopedia until much later in her career, but I can at least start this way. Once I run out of stories, I can time-skip to just before the first book and start adding more stories. Simple enough, right?

So, Hair Brained Experiment, Take Two. Aaaaaaaaaaand Action!


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