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Quick Update

A really quick update for everyone:

You may have noticed that I completely changed the theme and colors both here and on Tales. The reason I did so is 1) the themes I had been using have been retired by WordPress and were no longer customizable as much as I needed them to be and 2) the old themes weren’t mobile-friendly. In fact, they were mobile-unfriendly, meaning you’d have to scroll in both directions to even read them, so they had to go! These new themes are definitely mobile-friendly, plus I’m hoping they’re a lot more accessibility-friendly, too. Besides, the background on this one was a tad dated, lol. As always, I welcome your comments and feedback. Like the new look? Awesome! Hate it? Sorry about that. I’ll fix what I can. Making you sick? You have my sincerest apologies. Let me know what’s doing it, and I’ll fix it right away!


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