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Quick Update

A really quick update for everyone:

You may have noticed that I completely changed the theme and colors both here and on Tales. The reason I did so is 1) the themes I had been using have been retired by WordPress and were no longer customizable as much as I needed them to be and 2) the old themes weren’t mobile-friendly. In fact, they were mobile-unfriendly, meaning you’d have to scroll in both directions to even read them, so they had to go! These new themes are definitely mobile-friendly, plus I’m hoping they’re a lot more accessibility-friendly, too. Besides, the background on this one was a tad dated, lol. As always, I welcome your comments and feedback. Like the new look? Awesome! Hate it? Sorry about that. I’ll fix what I can. Making you sick? You have my sincerest apologies. Let me know what’s doing it, and I’ll fix it right away!

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I’m baaaaaack!

A Macbook keyboard. Photo by Chris Cummings from

It’s been four years since I’ve touched this blog. I apologize to anyone who might still be following me. I honestly didn’t expect to leave it hanging this long, but life happened. For one, I ended up losing my old job. You know that old joke about being allergic to work? It’s not funny when you really are allergic to the place you work. I was getting an asthma attack every morning at 9:30 like clockwork. I ended up moving across the country to get away from the allergens. They’re by no means gone, but I can function on a bad day instead of getting winded going from the couch to the bathroom on a good day. I’m still looking for a job because COVID happened, but I’m hoping I can fix that soon enough. In the meantime, I started working on my master’s degree. I’m still plugging away at writing and rewriting my first book, the rewrite that will never end, lol. One day, it’ll be readable enough for some beta readers. In the meantime, I’ve been writing bits and pieces of other stories.

I hope to come back on a regular basis now, but we’ll see. Life isn’t the best, but if I waited until it was, I’d never get anything done. Keep a lookout for new content soon!